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Jurassic World - Evolution

Jurassic World - Evolution

Version: 1.3
Size: 28M
Author: Z-One Game
Language: English
Rating: 4.3
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Jurassic World - Evolution Review

The slogan of Jurassic World Evolution says it all, “Build your own Jurassic World.” Players who got inspired by the series of Jurassic movies will find this game quite exciting and engaging. In terms of genre, the game is business simulation and strategy. It can teach you how to manage finances properly and come up with an effective business plan. The developers at Frontier Developments made it possible for players around the world to build and control a dinosaur theme park on five different islands. The initial objective of Jurassic World Evolution is to achieve a five-star rating on every available location, evolve through research trees, and unlock new dinosaurs and collect them all. 

Features and Functions

Jurassic World Evolution offers plenty of exciting features to recreate the atmosphere of the original story. Here are the primary three traits of this game.

Players can construct their personal dinosaur live action park on Isla Nublar. This is the island from the original stories, Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. Some other locations are also available. The primary mission is to achieve at least a three-star rating. The final goal is to attain a five-star rating.

Initially, there were 37 dinosaurs. The roster of these creatures includes the majority of those that appeared in the movie series. Players now can get an extra pack of five pretty dinosaurs: Styracosaurus, Crichtonsaurus, Majungasaurus, Archaeornithomimus, and Auchomimus. A player’s mission is to collect and take care of those species to support the park’s profitability.

Players come into contact with key parts in the Hammond Foundation. They will find three basic divisions: science, entertainment, and security. Those are all the critical elements of the park development. All the divisions propose different challenges to assist players with progressing through the locations. For example, the science division is responsible for cloning tech and provides the park with full dinosaur genomes. Players should watch out and protect the divisions from the external threats, however.


Players may notice that Jurassic World Evolution has some serious issues with the interface. For example, some arrangement of items and creatures as well as several functions and constructions are unintuitive. There are a few ways to overcome these obstacles.

First of all, try using the Control Room from the menu. In this tab, you will discover all the necessary info about the finance, research, ranking, amount of tourists in the park, database, and maps. The map helps to navigate. It has marked squares of buildings and dinosaurs for convenience. It is simple to move across the land and explore new dinosaurs.

Management views are also useful. In this tab, players will find the view range of the park visitors, the condition of the power plants, the level of protection from the storm, demand for stores, supplies, and profitability.

In the Enclosures tab, players will find everything necessary about the treatment of dinosaurs: from feeders with food to gates and everything else required.
Other tabs also help improve the interface experience significantly.


Most users rate this game around 70%. The main pitfall of Jurassic World Evolution is a relatively complex interface and some issues with it, but players can try to avoid them using the hints above. The game might seem a bit tedious, especially when it comes to research. As to the features, the developers have done an excellent job – the variety of dinosaurs is great. The land looks pretty realistic. Besides, the game is a chance to put on the mask of an entrepreneur and test the ability to launch a profitable business. In Jurassic World Evolution, players will also learn how to treat dinosaurs and attract tourists. Overall, it is a nice way to spend time.

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